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Barbara Ruth Burt
Born: October 27, 1933 Died: October 12, 2000
She was preceeded in death by both parents:
Morgan and Ruth Powell
And two husbands:
Clarence H. Klein
Everett H. Partridge

She is survived by her husband and 3 children:
Norman J. Burt
Michelle Denise Hover
Michael Terrence Burt
Heidi Elizabeth McLaughlin

Almighty God: thank you for this woman, and the time You shared her with us. She was a very special woman. She is greatly missed.

My mother was a very exceptional woman. She raised us through two difficult and eventually failed marriages. Although she had only 1 boy out of 3 children, she raised 5 sons. She was a mother to many children whose parents either didn't have time for them or didn't care. She devoted her life after we left home to caring for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled. She never ceased to care.

She loved to camp, hike and fish, loved ceramics and teaching. She loved to bowl. She lived, before my eyes, Christ's command to "love as you are loved."

Mom, we love you. We miss you. And we thank you for what you did for and gave to us.

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