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American Family Association

Faith, the final frontier...
Courtesy of Anointed Christian Links for the best Christian sites from A to Z

Back to the Bible
Call to Holiness & Revival
Center for Reclaiming America New!
Christian Aid, U.S.
Christian Living Network
Christianity Today Magazine online

Christian.TV online ministries
Christian's Unite
Citizen Link
Compassion International
Coral Ridge New!
Freedom Under Fire
Family Life Today
Focus on the Family w/Dr. James Dobson
Insight for Living w/Chuck Swindoll
Institute for Creation Research
In Touch w/Charles Stanley


Liberty To The Captives New!
Lutheran Hour Ministries New!
Life Issues w/Dr. John Wilkie
The Lord's Words
Mission America

OneAnswer New!

RBC Ministries

ReadCarryShare New!

Royal Family Kid's Camps
Tribe of Judah MM

Click Here for The Urban Alternative

Cyberangels Helpsite

Who is Jesus REALLY?


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